Ambition 2011 – Announcements from General Session

Today was the general session of Ambition 2011 where the most exciting news of the entire conference was shared, including new markets and Triple/Double Consultant bonuses. For information about the bonuses, please review the flyers below. More details will be coming from Ambit Energy so keep an eye on your Power Zone.

During the session that all Ambition guests attended at the Dallas Convention Center because the conference has grown too large for all conference goers to attend at the very large Anatole Hotel in Dallas, they also gave away TWO Cadillacs! Pictures of the car winners and others during the event can be seen on the Top Ambit Leader Facebook Page.

If you couldn’t make Ambition and would still like to see who won all the various awards, what was said by great speakers including John C. Maxwell, and all the best information from the session, please check out the Top Ambit Leader Twitter profile. We tweeted under the hashtag #Ambition2011 if you would like to see the conversation and announcements as they were made in real time.

Finally, if you would like to see video from the event, please visit Ambition TV right here on

This was a really wonderful, inspiring and educational event. I hope that everyone feels ready to go home and Turn It On!

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7 Responses to Ambition 2011 – Announcements from General Session

  1. We are so excited about Ambit and all of the possibilities. Pat Flanders, EC, once said in a training that Ambit is a “personal development program with a compensation plan”. It’s SO TRUE! I am ready to grow, change and get wealthy and take care of my family, friends and help change lives!!!

  2. Jake Ensign says:

    Like Chris said….”Fix bayonets……”…if you attended AMBITION, you know what to do next!!t

  3. charles searcy says:

    ” CHARGE.”

  4. Lloyd Bing says:

    Brian,This was my first Ambition. It was better much Better than I had anticipated ;it was Great! !!! I can hardlywait till next year thank you for your leadership.

  5. I still haven’t landed yet from Ambition, I hope not to until next year Ambition..

  6. Regina Rybarczyk says:

    I was very exciting on Ambition 2011. Was better than 2010.

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