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Friday, 16 September 2011 03:35

Do You Want to Be a Top Earner in Ambit Energy?

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There’s a very old joke that a tourist in New York City stops to ask a local businessman “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The local responds, “Practice, practice, practice.”

When you learned to ride a bike as a child you probably started by falling off and skinning your knee. You got back up and fell off again and skinned your elbow. But you kept getting back up until you made it from point A to point B and didn’t fall off the bike.

Why did you endure that pain while you were in the awkward stage of learning to ride a bike? You wanted to move into the mechanical stage where you would go from point A to point B without falling. In the mechanical stage, as long as you are paying careful attention to what you are doing, you can ride around the block and not fall off – it became fun and exciting! Eventually you moved into the natural phase, the wind blew through your hair and you coasted downhill. It felt so good, almost like you were flying. You jumped curbs, rode with no hands on the handlebars and weaved in and out of traffic with ease.

A few people will pay the price to get so natural in riding the bike that they qualify to go on to the X Games. Well I was already X Games qualified when I joined Ambit Energy. I had scraped my knees in other businesses but never gave up on my dreams. I spent three decades learning how to mechanically build a sales and marketing organization. I was earning while I was learning and the journey was incredible but I didn’t show up day one making a ton of money. So if you are still in the awkward or mechanical phase don’t be discouraged. The important thing is that you keep getting up and trying again and again and again just like I had done for years prior to joining Ambit Energy.

Allow me ask you a question. What do you do for a living, besides or before Ambit Energy? Whatever you are doing, it took years to learn your profession through education, training, time and experience. Let’s say you are a teacher and I decided I wanted to become a teacher. If I paid a one-time fee of $429.00, received a kit on what to do to get started as a teacher, and watched a few videos online, do you think I could show up on the first day of school and be a very good teacher? Of course not! How unrealistic would it be to think you could? It’s pretty ridiculous if you think about it, right?

Ambit is no different. Ambit is not some get rich quick scheme – it requires real work to be successful. But if you put in the work, it is a vehicle of positive change in your life and can produce financial freedom for you and your family. Like any other business it takes time, training, experience and a burning desire to be successful. If you commit to doing the work, Ambit will work for you. Remember your Ambit Energy business will pose a series of small inconsequential choices and any one of those small choices by itself has little or no effect on your success with Ambit Energy. However, if you continue to make one poor choice after another the collective whole of those poor small choices can lead to the failure of your business. Choose to tie into our proven training system, go to local business presentations and trainings and most importantly continue to position yourself for success by making the choices that keep you charging hard towards your dream destination for your family’s future. Choose wisely – it is your life!

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