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Thursday, 22 September 2011 22:42

Basic Training - 5 Fundamentals for Success in Ambit Energy and in Life

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From time to time, we all get too big for our britches. We are moving so fast we forget the fundamentals of our game. Some of my readers might be new to Ambit Energy, and if that’s you, welcome to the ride of your life. These basic truisms are a blueprint for success - I hope that you are able to take them to heart. For the consultants that have been around a little longer, ask yourself if you are still living these basic principles.

1. The key to success in our business is a consistent and persistent effort over time. There are people in Ambit working 80 hours/week every week and seeing incredible results. But not everyone can make that kind of commitment. If all you can do is work your business ten hours a week, then just make sure you always put in those ten hours and let nothing stop you from doing that. If somehow, despite your best effort, something happens to keep you from working those ten hours, make sure you have a plan to double up and make up for it next week. The important thing is consistency.

2. Promote in our marketing plan quickly, and help others promote quickly. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you only get one chance to begin your story with Ambit Energy. Begin as you mean to go on. The faster you promote, the faster your income will rise. When you bring in a new consultant, you need to keep their enthusiasm high. You know what does that? Money. When they get that first check, or now even sooner as they watch their revenue on Power Zone, it increases their belief in the business. The more you do something well, the more you are compelled to do it.

3. Recruiting someone is logical, but enrolling someone is emotional. Find out what someone wants, their WHY, and then show them how Ambit can help get it for them. Remember their reasons for joining, and commit to helping them achieve their dreams. If you bury yourself in the success of others, your own success becomes a byproduct.

4. Follow the system. We are in the business of duplication not innovation. You either work for a system or you have a system that works for you. If you just follow the proven training system, and practice it using your dynamic personality for leverage, you will succeed. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel; the best in the business freely share with you how they did it.

5. Efficiency is key. Spend your precious time with people that deserve your time, not people that need your time. When someone is hemming and hawing, move on! You don’t have time for people who don’t get it, or worse try to bring you down. Are you going to let someone else crush your dreams? YOU need to define and own your dreams; they must be your dreams and yours alone. When you are confident enough in your dream, you will stand firm and not waver in the face of criticism.

A hummingbird has to hit 1,800 flowers in a day to survive. He doesn’t get nectar in all of them, but that’s how many he has to hit to get enough food. You need to become a “Nectar Detector.” You are looking for like-minded, coachable people. There is a direct correlation between wealth and urgency. A prospect with nectar is one that’s willing and able to move NOW. But you will not succeed if you are not opening enough doors; you simply aren’t going to get to enough flowers to survive in this business. You need to learn to say “NEXT!” quickly.

There are two elements critical to your success in Ambit Energy. There’s the mechanics of the business - mastering identification, invitation, presentation and validation are essential to your success. But if your mind game, your beliefs about the business and yourself, your character and values, are off track, people will know. They will know, you will know, and you will fall short of your goals. A big part of working Ambit is working on you.

Keep charging,

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